Individual Awards

News Trophy Winner

Billy McLean    1957-58


News Trophy Winner

Peter Stone   1959-60


West End Medal Winner

Tom Caton   1973


SASCA Coach of the Year

Denis Harlow   1979


Advertiser/PGH Medal

Lemmy Vatsilas   1985


Guilio Bailetti Medal

Alan Paice (jnr)    1997


Sergio Melta Medal

Les Matiscsak   1999


Alex Hastings Medal

Les Matiscsak   1999


SASF Team of the Year

Mike Harkness   2004


Rising Star Award

Robert Macdonald   2004


FFSA Team of the Year

Shane Thompson   2006


Premier League Coach of the Year

Neil Young   2009


Rab Jones Trophy

Jonathon Rideout   2011


Sergio Melta Medal

Jim Stavrides   2013


Premier League Coach of the Year

Michael Brooks   2013


State League Coach of the Year

Billy Graves   2015


Bob Telfer Medal

Jace Cummins   2015



The club has been honoured over the years with five members receiving various National and State Level honours bestowed on them for services to the game, Alf Sillitoe, George Wallace, Harry Stockley (snr.), Denis Harlow and John Evans have all had a long association with Cumberland United Football Club and all are Life Members of the club.


An additional significant situation of note is that Ex-President/Chairman and Life Member of Cumberland United Football Club, Tony Henshaw, was elected Chairman of the South Australian Soccer Federation for years 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005. The first and only time a member of Cumberland United Football Club has been elected into the highest position in the game in South Australia. Tony was also Vice Chairman of the SASF from 1996 to 2001.

Another two significant situations occurred when both John Evans and Denis Harlow were appointed onto the FIFA Technical Committee for the 1981 FIFA World Youth Championships. Also, Denis Harlow was appointed Liaison Officer for the Saudi Arabian team competing in the 1993 FIFA World Youth Championship and in 1999/2000 was appointed full time Technical Operations Manager (Football) for the 2000 Olympic Games.

Life Member SASFA/FFSA 
Alf Sillitoe * 1950's 
George Wallace* 1950's 
Denis Harlow OAM 2012

Meritorious Service Award SASF 
Harry Stockley (snr) * 1970
Denis Harlow 1988

ASF National Hall of Fame
Denis Harlow 2003

Football Federation SA Hall of Fame
John Evans 2003
Denis Harlow 2004

Order of Australia Medal
Denis Harlow OAM 2005 

Billy Graves & Jace Cummins
Neil Young