Player and Parent Commitment

As a selected player for Cumberland United, we need to reiterate some important aspects on player responsibilities and minimum standards that are expected.
  • Your availability and commitment is for the entire season including school holidays, long weekend’s etc. To work effectively, each team must have its full compliment of players available. Players are required to phone their coach directly with any reason for unavailability for training or match days.
  • You must be punctual at training and match days. If your training session starts at 6.00pm, players are expected to be ready to begin training at 6.00pm, not 6.10pm. On match days, players should be at the nominated ground 45 minutes prior to kick off to allow plenty of time for warm ups, discussion on player positions and team tactics etc.
  • Players are to be well behaved, attentive, display a positive attitude and act within the guidelines as signed by all players under the SA Football Federation Code of Conduct.
The Club expects a high level of conduct from Players, Coaches, Team Managers, Parents and Officials. Lapses will not be tolerated.
To function properly, each team requires parental help during the season with the following activities. Assistant Coach, Team Trainer, Team Manager, Lines person, Qualified Referee, Ground Stewards and finally help with the canteen roster. If teams cannot fill most of these requirements the Cumberland United Football Club will not spend the time and effort to field the side.
Parents of players must be fully prepared to totally support the standards and guidelines set down by the Club and ensure that their child completes his commitments to the Club above any other sporting commitment outside the club.
Player Eligibility
Coaching Directors and Coaches must ensure that players are registered with the SA Football Federation by the first match of the season. Players that are not registered simply can not play in any official fixture.
Player's Age Group
In the normal course of events, players will register with and become players of the youngest age group their age allows. Exceptionally, players may play with an older group if (and only if) the following conditions are met.
  • The coaching director and coach believe the player can integrate and handle any resulting frictions, and the sanction of the Junior Management Committee has been previously obtained.
  • The two coaches involved have agreed to the change, the change is supported by the player and his parents, and the sanction of the Junior Management Committee has previously been obtained.
  • Competition rules are complied with.
The older age group would not otherwise be able to field a team, plus substitutes.