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Updated: May 31

Welcome to our first Social club event for the year!

We are bringing a European feel to the Den with a Euro Tournament fundraiser for our Club.

UEFA EURO 2024 kicks off in Munich on Friday 14 June and ends with the final in Berlin on Sunday 14 July. There are 24 countries competing for glory!

Players, teams and families of our Club have a chance to be involved in the fun and prizes available.

We will be playing the Euro game replays on the big screen Thursday and Friday nights at the Den and we welcome you to pop down and join in the festivities over the month. The Cumberland kitchen is joining in on the fun and will be featuring a country inspired dinner on the menu too.

The Fundraiser - we are selling tickets in a sweep using the Country/Teams playing in the Euro Cup. 

There are 4 sweeps

1 : $150 sweep - this is the Team sweep - (for Cumberland teams only)

•1st Prize $1500 •2nd Prize $500 •3rd prize $250

2 : Individual $50 sweep •1st Prize $300 •2nd Prize $200 •3rd Prize $100

3 : Individual $20 sweep •1st Prize $200 •2nd Prize $100 •3rd Prize $50

4 : Individual $10 sweep •1st Prize $100 •2nd Prize $50 •3rd Prize $15

How to purchase - via Try Booking link

Good luck to all Countries involved and here’s hoping your team wins !


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